Window Cleaning

South Pole Cleaning can give your home or business premises sparkling clean windows. The use of 100% pure hot water ensures a beauiful finish without the need for chemicals. Windows stay cleaner for longer as detergents leave a residue that dirt likes to stick to.

Whilst cleaning the glass we clean the sills and frames too, and because we use soft bristle brushes we remove all dirt, cobwebs and ladybird nests that may be hiding there! A soft bristle brush means that leaded windows too can quickly and effectively be cleaned.

As our poles can extend up to 40 feet we can reach virtually all windows, velux or skylights from the safety of the ground. This means we reduce the need for ladders and minimise the damage that may be done to walls and sills where they would otherwise have lent.

Of course, no window can be brilliantly sparkling, if they are not cleaned inside too! We provide external and/or internal window cleaning for your domestic or business premises. We just request that you ensure the internal sills are clear and that you secure any curtains or blinds prior to an internal clean of your windows.

You can be sure that regular cleaning, not only helps to keep your house looking its best, but can also help to maintain your UPVC.

Please do contact us for free and impartial advice regarding the cleaning of your windows, sills and frames.


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