Frequently Asked Questions

How does the water fed pole 'window cleaning system' work?

Tap water and rain water all contain chemicals, minerals, calcium and pollution which leave a white residue if not completely cleaned off of a surface. Our water is subjected to a rigorous filtration process to remove all minerals and impurities. The result is completely pure water which dries to an immaculate finish without leaving behind any marks or deposits.

This system employs lightweight telescopic carbon fibre poles, each with a monofilament brush head. Water is pumped through the pole and continually sprayed onto the window. Meanwhile the water sprayed on the window is lightly brushed with the brush head until the surface is clean.

Why do you wash my windows when it's raining?

When we clean windows with pure water, the water is left to dry naturally on the glass, when the rain comes into contact with this water, it serves to dilute the rain water and prevents the glass from becoming dirty.

Do you need to use my electricity or water?

No. Our van is fitted with a 650 litre tank of pure filtered water with a pump system that works the water up the poles.

Are you fully insured to work at my premises?

Yes South Pole Cleaning have £1 million public liability insurance.

Will the new system clean my windows as well as the old method?

Water fed pole window cleaning is recognised to be as good if not better than traditional methods. Once the first couple of cleans have been carried out the standard will be as good, and your frames will also get a thorough clean every visit. The use of Water fed poles is recognised by the British Window Cleaning Academy as a safe and effective method.

Can you wash windows that have wooden window frames?

Yes, as long as your window frames are in prime condition.

We have leaded windows, can you wash our windows?

Yes, no problem at all.

How often should our windows be cleaned?

We recommend if you want them to stay very clean once a month. However with the pure water system we find that up to 6 weeks and they mostly still look clean. If over two months the windows normally dirty.


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