A conservatory is a beautiful and valuable asset to any home or business premises and having it regularly cleaned not only makes it a pleasure to sit in and look at but also helps to maintain it. Cleaning all that glass to keep it in tip top condition can be a time consuming job. Even conservatories that have self-cleaning glass will need a good wash from time to time!

At South Pole Cleaning, our water fed pole system is able to efficiently and gently wash the glass on your conservatory whilst cleaning the frames too. This ensures that as much light as possible is able to shine through the glass and that the frames are free from dirt, moss and algae, and because we use 100% pure water your windows are streak free and left with no water marks. We also provide internal conservatory glass cleaning, giving you the best possible finish.

As our carbon poles can reach up to 40 feet most conservatory roof cleaning can be carried out safely, yet effectively from the ground. Having the roof thoroughly and regularly cleaned helps preserve the life of your conservatory.

And to ensure your conservatory is maintained all year round we can even clean it in the rain! Using pure water, not only benefits the environment, but because it doesn't let dirt stick to it your conservatory will stay cleaner for longer whatever the weather!

Please feel free to contact South Pole Cleaning for free and impartial advice regarding the maintenance cleaning of your conservatory, or regarding any damaged or misty glass units you may have.


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